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Eco Del Sur
Eco Del Sur is the name of this musical ensemble, which consists of Latin American artists from various musical backgrounds who are united to explore and perform ancient Andean music as well as contemporary music from different Latin American regions.

Eco Del Sur was founded in Spring 2000 and the first album was produced in Fall 2001. The members of the band are from different countries such as Chile, Colombia and Ecuador making Eco del Sur the result of a very diverse mixture of backgrounds and musical experiences. Each of the members has mastered several indigenous and contemporary instruments. Some of these instruments used by Eco del Sur include: zamponas, quenas, quenachos, antaras, rondador, ocarinas, moxenos, flute, alto sax, soprano sax, charango, guitar, Venezuelan cuatro, bass, bombo, tambora, bongos, congas, wankara, maracas, guacharaca, claves, chakchas, etc.

Eco Del Sur has been playing in different private and public institutions and multicultural events. Some of the institutions where the group has performed include Princeton University, Columbia University, Raritan Valley Community College, Union County College, Arts Council of Princeton, and New Jersey Performing Art Center (NJPAC), among others. The band members have put a lot of hours in the composition and arrangement of their songs, and have prepared a large repertoire of famous Latin American songs that are now part of the world popular culture.
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Eco Del Sur
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