24 Jun 2017

Salon du Soleil Art Celebration

Salon du Soleil is a celebration of the creative spirit in all forms. We chose the Summer Solstice as the symbolic moment in time when we experience renewed energy, the spark that inspires us to pursue creative work and share it with others.

The Salon is not just an art show, but a communion of artists and art lovers from across the creative spectrum, young and old, experienced in their craft or just starting out. Our artists include painters, sculptors, filmmakers, photographers, musicians, and performers. Created as a fun and celebratory happening, we appreciate tradition but have an eye out for the experimental. What some may consider underground or outsider, we welcome as part of the creative conversation, inspiring new ideas and creating new forms. We started the Salon because we wanted to bring an art event to our small town, and we ended up attracting artists from all over the world and visitors from far beyond our community. Our goal is to continue to expand the Salon each year and to introduce the best, cutting-edge art to an ever-expanding audience. Please join us this year either as an artist, guest or both! To keep our event free and our artists' fee low, we rely on generous donations from members of the community. Please consider donating to this year's Salon.

Contact Us

Arts & Cultural Council of Bucks County
c/o Department of the Arts
Bucks County Community College
275 Swamp Road
Newtown, PA 18940

215.968.8229 phone
215.504.8530 fax


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